Saturday, July 4, 2015

"De Colores"

Here's a song I want to learn.  Nicely, it has the lyrics.


That's a link to Destinos, a soap opera for learning Spanish.  I don't like tv at all, but it's good to hear Spanish spoken!

to be and to have

That's a link to a very cute game for learning two verbs, to be and to have.

flashcard app

That's a link to the flashcard app I mentioned.


I'm working on learning Spanish, and I know some words and a little grammar.  But I'm still a beginner for sure.

I thought I'd make this blog to keep track of links to useful material.  And to record my journey.  I don't know if I'll ever be fluent, but I figure it's good for my brain, no matter how much I do.

I would like to take Spanish at community college, but I would have to pay out of state tuition.  So maybe I'll wait a year.

The book I'm using right now is Practice Makes Perfect Spanish Vocabulary Second Edition.  It comes with a free flashcard app / website that's so so.  I wish the flashcards came in a random order--that would better.  But I'm grateful for them.